Visualise your organisation in circles

Map your organisation without management hierarchy: Circles, people and roles.

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How Maptio works

Quick and simple mapping of your circles, people and roles

Map builder

  • Visualise your organisation in a pattern of nested circles
  • Enter the data and the map is automatically generated
  • Photos show who’s responsible for what at a glance

Circle details

  • Link to other tools, systems and documents used by teams
  • Keep track of which team members are in each circle


  • Define a role once and add it to multiple people
  • Or add a custom role for just one person in one circle


  • Map themes or categories of circles using tags
  • Customise the names and colors of tags
  • Filter the map to only show circles with particular tags


  • List circles an individual is overall responsible for...
  • ...and where they’re not responsible but have other roles
  • Show which other team members are involved
  • COMING JANUARY 2021: List all roles and role vacancies

Network view

  • Visualise who is working with who
  • See who’s at the centre of things and who’s on the edge
  • Arrows and line weights show direction and depth of connections

More accountability

Making roles and responsibilities clear and visible. Encourage everyone to meet their commitments.

Faster onboarding

Allow new starters to browse the organisation to see who's involved in what and find ways they can contribute.

Better decisions

See which teams and roles might be affected by decisions so you can consult appropriately.

More alignment

See how the overall vision breaks down into the smaller things. Keep everything aligned to a higher purpose.


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Our team

“I created Maptio to help teams bring purposeful ideas to life without the need for management hierarchy.”

Tom Nixon
Maptio founder

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