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Can I have a longer free trial?

Yes, we're happy to extend your free trial. You can get started and then email any time if you need a bit longer.

I need a few more users than the plan will allow. Can you help?

Certainly. If your organisation size puts you just inside a more expensive plan, email and let us know how many people you need and we'll help.

Do you support organisations larger than 200 people?

Yes we do. Email for a quote.

What is your non-profit discount?

If you're doing something good for the world we want to support you! We handle requests on a case-by-case basis. Email and let us know how many people will be added to Maptio and we'll make sure that money doesn't stop you using Maptio.

Do you offer discounts for start-ups and others with low revenue?

Let's see what we can do. Email and start a conversation.

Is Maptio open source?

Yes! You can download our code and run your own instance of Maptio subject to the license in our repository. You can also hire our developers to install, configure and customise Maptio exactly for you.

Where is my data stored?

Maptio uses a mixture of EU and US data centers. If you have particular questions or would like more information, email

Can I book a call so you can talk me through it all?

Absolutely. Book a call now.